Dowsing Energy

I am so excited, I have always had an interest in dowsing and bought my first pendulum when I was 16. I have had a pair of rods since my early twenties but never really used them, they have sat in a box in a draw. As with most things these come into my life for a reason and it has been recently that my interest in earth energy and dowsing has been sparked up again.
I strongly believe that people come into your life to teach you things that you need to learn. Life is forever changing and a journey of discovery. Today I spent the afternoon with a friend dowsing ancient cairns on top of a hill, we could see Dartmoor in one direction and the coast in the distance in the other, it was so beautiful with sunshine and showers we were even graced with a rainbow; I felt a sure sign that we were connecting with the ancestors.

How did I arrive to be here at this point in; time, space and life………….

Earlier this year two friends and I, joined a guided walk to explore Merrivale and the surrounding landscape connecting to the ancestors through drumming, dowsing and being in the moment. Despite having had pendulum and rods in my possession for some time; I had never taken the time to explore how to use them to connect with energy and healing. Maybe it hasn’t been the right moment for me and now it is; sometimes you have no control over your destiny.

I must be honest at this point; it was cold wet and misty up on the moor and I really did wonder what I was doing there! I walked towards a standing stone asking to be shown where the energy began, the rods did not respond, I was quite blasé, this doesn’t work for me. I was encouraged to rephrase the question and set my intention (setting intentions is a bit like positive thought and mindfulness) and once I mastered asking the right questions the rods seem to respond.

I have written in my previous blogs, that whilst I received Tibetan and Crystal bowl therapy, I have had my chakras dowsed, to discover which bowls need to be played during the treatment. Whilst it is very challenging to dowse your own chakras, particularly the crown and brow as it is difficult to see which way the pendulum is spinning, it appears to provide an insight into your health and wellbeing that can benefit your own healing.

At the end of October, I attended a very experiential day with Devon Dowsers, spending it dowsing for utilities, water, leaks in pipes, bore holes, shallow wells and healing energy spaces. I was amazed at my findings and the accuracy I was able to achieve using my rods or pendulum. We even tried map dowsing with very successful results.

During the workshop I spent some time in the middle of a field searching for my healing place. You can dowse for this and then find the spot, then dowse for how many minutes you need to spend in this space to benefit from the healing and dowse for which way you need to face. Prior to doing this, one of the group facilitators dowsed my aura and then after I stayed in my healing space for the required amount of time, my aura was dowsed again, it was2 ½ hrs times further away from me. Now that is amazing! How did I feel? Different, the sun gently warming my back, the sound of silence. I was in a space, that I had found for me, in which to receive my healing. It was not necessary for anyone to assist me, I felt empowered with the knowledge that I can dowse for those energy places whenever and wherever I feel the need. Now that’s magick.

I accompanied my friend to attend the Tamar Dowsers monthly meeting and talk and I came away inspired by what I had learnt and added to my increasing library of dowsing literature. For years dowsers have been searching for earth energies, water, oil, lost things, you can dowse for anything as long as you phrase the questions appropriately. There are a few guidelines to be followed such as asking for permission, making sure you are grounded, protected and remaining mindful of what you are doing, I have been reliably informed that everyone is able to dowse.
Dowsing is using your intuition and putting an extension (the rods/pendulum) to assist in feeling the energy. I would never have believed what you can discover, the possibilities are endless, sometimes it is easier to go with something than trying to analyse how it to works.

Today up on the hill, we knew there were some ancient remains there, but not sure of the exact location and the site was covered with heather, we dowsed for one cairn and having found it, we then discovered a second one, they were next to each other and the outer banks were almost overlapping. We found some incredibly wide energy lines going into them, having placed stones to mark the width of these lines, we dowsed which way the energy was flowing and then went to the other side of the cairn and each time we crossed an energy line, we looked across to discover the stone was marking the spot. All the lines seem to run from Dartmoor down towards the coast, our ancestors decided to build a cairn on that spot. The wonderful thing is that both my friend and I found the same results even when we were dowsing opposite side. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea where my journey would take me, I didn’t think that almost two years ago I would be still writing and would have been out dowsing energy lines. It was not long ago that I wondered if I would be able to walk without the assistance of a stick, but here I was today tramping across the heather following the direction of a pair of copper rods.
“We are all energy. How we use that energy will help to start us on the journey to heal our bodies” that is where my story begins……….

Wishing you love, light, health and happiness during this festive season.

Further information on Dowsing British Dowsers


My Quest for Healing

Those of you that follow my monthly blog, will know I use various therapies to support my healing from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I think it important to raise awareness of this and other chronic pain condition, I do not wish my blog to become a source of me feeling sorry for myself, I do not want to give this pain more energy than it already takes from me. So whilst I may not write about, how I feel tackling this condition on a daily basis, I am still fighting the battle and I am slowly winning. Just because I look well and don’t complain about the pain I am experiencing, does not mean that it is not happening.

Today I went for healing at Lupton House and after a short twenty minutes session for a minimum donation of £3. I feel amazing. I have been going to healing since I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I went weekly and it helped heal my mind, body and spirit. When I attended my first healing session, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. After completing some paperwork, I was led into a beautiful, tranquil and peaceful room with therapy beds set up with different coloured covers and warm cosy blankets, you choose the bed that you are drawn to, obviously not the one with other people on receiving their treatment! You lie down fully clothed just removing your shoes and you can have a blanket placed over you, whilst you close your eyes, relax and drift off somewhere nice.

The healers all work differently, some hands on, some hand off, some a mixture of both. Each time I receive healing it is always different, sometimes their hands feel warm, sometimes they feel cold, more often than not I see wonderful colours mainly purple and other times I see nothing at all, but feel energy pulsing through my body and a serene calmness envelops me like a hug.

The whole healing journey led me to my attunement for 1st and 2nd degree reiki which I use for healing on myself and the dog on a regular basis; however receiving the energy that is channelled through another healer is very powerful and a truly wonderful experience.

Healing as a Therapy seems to have lost is dark, mystical status and is more widely accepted as a Holistic form of healing, it does not take the place of conventional medicine but is often used alongside it to treat various conditions. The great thing is you don’t need to believe in any religion to experience this great therapy.

I had not been to Lupton since October last year, so for me it was lovely to be able to access the beautiful and tranquil space. This week for me, is about self- nurturing and finding my authentic self, there is the super blue blood moon eclipse, tomorrow 31st January and what better opportunity to remove the obstacles in my path, clear my throat chakra where I have been experiencing blockages, holding back and not saying the things that need to be said. The moon energy this month is about manifesting love and healing old wounds and with it being the start of the New Year, what better way than to purge the old way of life; start a new chapter and move on.

To assist in this moving on process, I have been given a new yoga teacher, taking the class that I have been attending for the past 4 years, I have never felt comfortable with change, but it is important to embrace it. When you create space, it can filled with wonderful experiences and kindred souls, if you allow it to.

To integrate all this change, movement and growth, a fantastic gong bath to look forward to on Friday evening.

I feel very blessed to have a wonderful family, supportive friends and like minded kindred spirits in my life. Thank you for helping me to stay strong when my body has been weak. I love you and value your presence whilst you accompany me, fighting chronic pain xx



The little studio with the big heart  –  The Studio Tqy for timetable & events

Gong Baths ~ Sally free Sounds for the soul    Drop in healing Tuesdays 12-3 and 7-9

Rewriting life

This month has been monumental for me in terms of personal growth. Sometimes when you feel pain, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, your coping strategy is often to put a lid on it, cover it up, repress it in the hope that if you don’t acknowledge it will hopefully go away.

The mind is very powerful if you have a traumatic moment in your life, it can cover it over so much, that you are not sure if it ever happened. However the body can only take so much of keeping these feelings, emotion and pain locked in. Then what! Your body starts to let you know enough is enough, pain. When you have pain, in particular chronic pain, you get used to living with it, then when you feel unwell, you put it down to your chronic pain condition, in my case Fibromyalgia.

My feet have been very painful for months now and I keep saying, I won’t go to the doctor as I know what it is. Only the pain got unbearable.
I gave myself Reiki healing and also used sound therapy with the use of a tuning fork over the pain. There is definitely something going on there, when I dowsed my feet with my rose quartz pendulum it went mad, sweeping in a massive arc and after I used the tuning fork on the area and again dowsed the painful area the pendulum remained completely still. What’s that all about!

So I decided to visit the surgery to discover that I had plantar fasciitis. The wonderful doctor nearly sent me through the roof when he examined my foot, oh the pain. As you know I do not take any form of pain relief for my condition, so when the doctor suggested Tramadol I sat aghast in his room. Hell no! I am not going down that route again, he suggested anti-inflammatory pain killers and again I declined. I want to treat this holistically, I know that I can and it works, I just needed confirmation that this was not Fibro and something else.

Gentle exercise, rest used together with healing therapies I believe is the key to healing the body. This may seem a bit way out to most people, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You may feel that it does not work for you, just don’t try it once, give it a go a couple of times, give your body a chance to ‘rewrite its pain pathways’.

I was practicing yoga a couple of weeks ago, there was only two of us in the class plus my Yoga teacher, we were practicing Yin yoga, using props for support to hold poses to a longer length of time. (Give it a go it’s great!) Whilst I had my hips supported on a bolster, trauma release excersies (TRE) kicked in and my body started to rock side to side; so much that I actually fell off the bolster, I was laughing so much. I just let it happen, I know that, it is my body ‘rewriting life’, undoing all the trauma and stress that I have had over my 46 years on this planet. I do not try to repress it, it is just rewriting my journey. I don’t have to re-live the feelings and emotions, the gentle movement as my body shakes and sways is so safe and very comforting and it’s doing its thing.

Back to school ….I faced my fears from over 30 years ago and returned to school. A place that has held so many painful memories. The morning dawned and whilst I ate breakfast at the hotel, I felt physically sick, just like I did when I had to go to school all those years ago, I sat with my herbal tea, as my body gently tremored, I knew that this was a very important part of my healing journey.

As soon as I arrived back at school, the smell in the corridors overwhelmed me, the place seemed so much smaller than I remember and quite a lot of the class rooms had changed in their use. It wasn’t until I stood outside a classroom, that I realised that I had a suppressed memory, it returned when our then teacher had displayed behaviour that is definitely not acceptable these days, those of us that had him for lessons, were able to talk about how awful it was, he has since died; so no legal action would be taken against him.

This was a place, where I was bullied for 7 years by a group of girls calling themselves the hard gang who were in my class. Hopefully they will have developed into kind and loving human beings and if they have their own children, they are not bullying or being bullied themselves. I strongly believe in Karma and the power of the universe, what you give out comes back to you!

My dad told me ‘to stand up for myself, it’s part of life, it makes you stronger’. Yes, it does that, but it also makes you different. It makes making friends challenging, it also makes you resilient to life, but deep down there is a small part of your soul that asks; Why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

Well, the real answer is; I dared to be different, to stand out from the crowd, not to conform to what was expected. Does that make you a target? Probably, but I do not care anymore, I am the stronger person. I am rewriting life.

I will not change so people will like me.                                                                                         I will be myself and the right people will love the real me.”


Change your Energy – last months post

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Change your Energy

Since my last Blog in August, so much has happened that September has almost passed me by, that’s the thing with Life, blink and you can miss it. None of us know how long we have on the earthly plain, there is something to be said ‘don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can achieve today’. You just don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

I thought I had got my pain under control, but oh no, my body had other ideas, at the beginning of September I returned back to work and felt I had gone back 3 years. The pain was so intense, I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel well. Just well; without pain, oh what joy.
I still refuse to fill my body with pain killers and try to work through the worst of it. At one point the pain was so bad I was in tears and at working sitting at my desk sobbing. Pull yourself together. I was struggling, I was at a low ebb, and everything seemed to be closing in on me. I spent the whole day hobbling around in pain, with my toes, ankles, knees, hips, elbows and wrists all screaming out with pain. Whilst trying to pretend all is well; Enough, I had had enough of pretending all is well, when I went to work the next day, rather than say I’m good when someone asked me how I was feeling, I told them it was not a good day and I was suffering. How cathartic that felt.
I have always tried to hide the pain I have been in, a couple of colleagues commented that they had never seen me cry, my husband tells me I’m the strong one! I don’t always want to be strong, I want to be honest about how I feel. It is all very well staying positive and battling on regardless. However, sometimes you need to say how you feel. Change can have a massive impact on how people see you and how you can empower yourself.

I recently attended an open day at the Yoga Studio and an Energy Medicine class. When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I went to a talk Sue Mutlow gave on Energy Medicine and I was hooked, I started to go once a week to learn more about this amazing self-healing technique. I feel it is so important to share this valuable Holistic therapy. The way I can describe it; is as accessing your own energy system and healing your mind, body and soul, just what I am all about.

Donna Eden has researched and developed the exercise that Sue shares with us.
It works on the basis of tapping and massaging points on the body, often using a figure of 8 to increase your energy levels. Energy is the medicine that you can access and activate to start healing your own body. It is about creating a balance and harmony encouraging your energy to flow, it uses postures and exercise’s some include lying down, others energizing your body and also protecting your aura.
By carrying out specific exercises you can move the energy in your body to unblock areas where it may have become stuck, it works with meridians, chakras and energy pathways. It is fascinating and can make you feel energized and restore harmony in your body. I believe it sits alongside Chinese medicine and can be related to reflexology.
For me it is an effective form of pain management, but you don’t need to suffer from chronic pain, it can assist you to balance out the energy systems of your body on a daily basis, Sue often suggests carrying out some of the exercise whist standing in the queue in the supermarket, I have yet to give that ago!

Sue encourages you to carry out a daily energy routine that includes The Three Thumps- locating K27, the Thymus and Spleen points. This set of three exercises can jump start your energy system, helps focus the mind and corrects the energy from flowing backwards via your meridians. To help improve your coordination, vitality and healing by competing The Cross crawl. The Wayne Cooke posture helps you focus and aids concentration. The Crown pull opens the crown chakra to aid higher inspiration, assists in your memory, and stimulates blood to the brain.
It is a little bit like yoga, but different, most of the exercises can be adapted to suite your physical capabilities. You can get to know all about your triple warmer and the meridians that relate to the immune system and your fight or flight response.

I really enjoy all these exercises and once learnt you can include them as part of your daily life, I suggest that you go to a class with a qualified practitioner. When I feel a pain flare up starting, I start to change my energy, it gives me the opportunity to recharge my cells, we can become unbalanced and this can lead to disharmony in the body and as I wrote about in last month’s blog ‘easing your dis’.
Sue herself is inspirational and Eden energy medicine needs to be experienced. Like with all things, don’t just try it once and expect miraculous results, I believe you need to give any holistic therapy time, keep trying it, then if after a few sessions it doesn’t work for you, thats ok, but don’t give up after one session as you don’t feel any different. Your body needs time to adjust.

I am not sure what caused my pain flare up this time, I am not even going to give it my energy to start analyzing what, if or how it started.
Change can have a massive impact; I have never found embracing change easy, but I’m learning that change can be good. If you can alter your energy, the way you feel, think and are can make a difference and you can start on your own journey to heal yourself.


For more information please contact Sue Mutlow – Positive Steps for good energy


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‘To Ease my Dis……’

When you stop!   Suddenly you notice your own breath, you hear the sound of silence and you smell the scent that evokes a feeling, a memory. Life is so very fragile, yet we race around filling our lives with things, possessions, envy and that imbalance can cause disharmony of the mind, body and soul maybe leading to disease.

“An illness that affects a person, animal, or plant : a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally.”

So you seek medical intervention and get a diagnosis. A label. Then what? You are maybe prescribed drugs to ‘ease your dis’.

I want more; I want to feel well, I want my life back, I want my mind body and soul to be in harmony with each other. We are all energy and maybe we need to use that energy to heal ourselves, rather than fight with life to become somebody that we think we should be.
I am still on this massive journey of self-discovery and Holistic healing, and one of things I have learnt is, if you don’t keep at it, the dis-ease starts to creep back in.

This summer if you can call it that, has proved to me that in order to feel well, I need to continue with the various therapies I practice. I slipped back into a mind-set of copy and paste, I spent almost a week of my summer break in bed or on the sofa feeling tired and burnt out and lacking motivation, it was easier to sleep that get up and drag my weary body for a walk with the dog. I blamed the weather!!

I had just returned from a fantastic 2 week holiday in the sun to a cold, wet, and grey British August. The weather may have had an impact on my Fibromyalgia symptoms raising their ugly head and giving me a side swipe, but actually I now believe it was the lack of yoga practice, Reiki, TRE and gong that was my problem. I had lost my mojo.

I wallowed in self-pity for a week, feeling sorry for myself. I had finally stopped working and racing around filling my life and time with things, possessions and most certainly envy. Did I feel better, Hell No! My toe bones hurt when I got out of bed in the morning, I have had a constant pain in my foot for weeks, this pain was then followed by my knees then my wrists and fingers, oh the joy of living with chronic pain. I started to feel envious of the people around me, who just don’t get what it feels like when your body is not at ease with your mind. Then along came a local Holistic Festival. The night before I was debating if I would go or not, too much effort!

Well I went; I am so glad I did, I saw a lot of friends and like-minded people from the Holistic world, it was just what I needed to kick myself back into the land of ‘you can start to heal yourself’.
I attended a few workshops bringing down my higher Chakras, a wonderful Gong Bath with Sally and learning to use a tuning fork.  Having been to the tuning fork workshop, I decided I needed to buy an OM tuning fork for myself. This is a therapy that I could use at home very easily between gong baths. I was already starting to feel better for having a gong bath, so using tuning forks had to be a good thing too, as it uses sound vibration to help heal the body.

Luckily for me Sally sells them, so I did not have to go home and look online, I bought one from her, in a beautiful purple bag with a mallet, as soon as I got home that evening I tried it out, the dog loved it and also my husband, who is definitely not into all this ‘hippy’ stuff, he asked me to use it on him as he has had some muscle pain in his shoulder. He has informed me that it is feeling better, but claims it was probably the couple of rounds of golf he played. I think I know otherwise!!!

A week later and I am feeling so much better, I am using the tuning fork on a daily basis, giving myself Reiki, carrying out my TRE (trauma release exercises) and Virginia, as soon as I have finished writing my blog, I will roll out my yoga mat and practice at home.

I know that if I practice all the therapies I use regularly, I will be able to ‘ease the dis’ of my mind body and soul.
Remembering to enjoy the moment, absorb the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of this wonderful journey. Namaste xx


If you would like to read my previous blogs here they all are, if you have any questions or would like more information, please Contact me.

Gonging It!

Fibro or Flu?

The Power of TRE

The Dawn of a New Day

I am going to enjoy this!

The Power of saying NO

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The Power of saying NO

I had just returned from a whistle-stop trip to Italy, which I knew would be a challenge as traveling and in particular flying can be tiring, at the best of times, but with a fibro body, you need to be able to pace yourself and avoid stress.
In the past I have been a very nervous flier often gripping the seat or arm of the adjacent passenger. Lucky for them, I have been managing my stress and fear, I managed to remain calm even when we hit some turbulence on the way home, it was all good, I practiced my yoga breath and used it as a form of mediation, at one point I thought we had already landed when the undercarriage went down. TRE (trauma release exercises) have definitely contributed to my body’s ability to reduce the stress meaning, no pain.

On my return home, I did not feel well enough to go out for a walk with my husband and the dog. I knew I needed to sleep. I was not feeling any pain, just extreme tiredness and I knew going for a walk would make me feel worse. So Dog and husband went for a walk without me, I slept. I felt better. Result, all I had to do was say ‘No’ there was not an explanation required.

‘No’ is a complete sentence, it does not require a justification. It is the most empowering sentence that you can ever use. At first you feel guilty for saying it and try to explain your rationale. It’s even harder with friends and family, they give you a look, you then end up backing down, and agreeing to something that you don’t want to do, that can often impact your mind, body and spirit.

The result that this can have on your health can be catastrophic. I have learnt from experience, it is not easy to say ‘No’, but once you start it does get easier.

I have always been quite easy going and happy to go along with things, and even though I might not want to do something, rather than say so, I have gone along with it for fear of upsetting anyone, and in the process made myself feel ill and then complained that I wish I hadn’t done it.

Living with a chronic pain condition requires you to pace yourself……….easier said than done, particularly when you are having a good time and feel better. In the early days of my diagnoses, I did not think it possible that I would ever have good days and feel well. If I wanted to something special, like going for a night out, I knew that I would have to weigh up the fact that I would feel really poorly for 3 or 4 days after the night out. It was always worth it, but then sometimes you have a really good day and do more as you feel well and then the next day you have a relapse.
I thought I was invincible and everyone kept telling me to pace myself, I thought I knew best, then burn out!

A couple of years ago, I was walking with a stick, sometimes I didn’t need it, on the days when I had paced myself. They were good days. Then I would do a bit more than I should have done, the pacing went out of the window and the stick started to became an indication of a good or bad day. As Fibro is a hidden illness, on stick days friends, family and colleagues could tell it was a bad day. However on good days, because I didn’t have my stick, some people got the impression I was well. They did not realise the effort that I had gone to, to walk without a stick.

It still takes a lot of determination and I still have to make sacrifices and battle with my body to ensure that I use effective pacing, to stay pain and medication free. Learning to stay ‘NO’ has been the biggest tool in my Holistic healing journey, sometimes it has been really hard and difficult, not to justify why I am saying No.

I like Bruce Campbell’s description of The Energy Envelope

To use the idea of the energy envelope, think of your situation as having three elements. The first is your available energy. This is the energy you have to accomplish things. It is limited and is replenished by rest and food. The second is your expended energy, the energy you lose through physical, mental and emotional exertion.

The third is your symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, pain, and so on. In this view, if you expend more energy than you have available, you will intensify your symptoms. This is called living outside the energy envelope. An alternative is living inside the energy envelope.

If you keep your expended energy within the limits of your available energy, you have a chance to reduce symptoms, and over time may be able to expand your limits.

Life is not a rehearsal, this is it! Why waste your time doing something you really don’t want to do. Take control of your life. Learn to say NO and start living inside Your Energy Envelope.

Recently everyone has been telling me I look so well; I feel amazing but it takes a lot of effort and I continue to attend my weekly yoga practice, my monthly gong baths, I fill my life with people who make me laugh and smile and avoid the energy vampires (those people who leave me feeling worn out, as they feed off my energy to make themselves feel better). Sometimes you need to be selfish if you want to get your life back.

Try saying NO, it could really be the starting point to your own empowerment.


I am going to enjoy this!


I recently met an inspirational lady who has really changed the way I see and do things. Earlier this month I had a text from a yogi friend who gave me the heads up, that we would be doing laughing yoga on our usual Friday yoga practice. As a lady who had come into her shop to buy an ice-cream, had ended up leaving her, agreeing to show us the practice of laughing yoga!


I had heard of laughing yoga, but had not ever had the opportunity to try it out. So it was with great anticipation and excitement that I rocked up to yoga that Friday, ready and willing to laugh my socks off. I should point out at this stage, that my long-suffering yoga teacher Virginia often has to become a bit stern with the Friday group, as we are a bit raucous and exuberant with our energy on Friday mornings,  that she has to try to contain the naughty ones that can be very disruptive. (naturally that’s not me, as you all know I am very quiet and unassuming!!!!!).   


I met Kirti the lovely laughing yoga lady on route to the studio and immediately warmed to her wonderful aura. Once we were all settled she explained about the benefits of laughing yoga, and when she told us of her age and some medical conditions she had; I was blown away by this passionate and extremely well looking lady. There is definitely something in it. Her positive attitude shone through.


We started off the session by clapping and saying ho, ho, ha, ha, ha and then went through some various exercises that had me in hysterics, including greeting each other and talking gibberish, it was hilarious. My face hurt so much from smiling and laughing.


Kirti explained that we often go through life with a copy and paste attitude. Each day we have a habit of copying and do the same things from yesterday and end up filling our lives with stuff, without any time to Just Be and Notice……. That really struck a chord with me. I now make sure that I take time out to just be and notice the little things, even if it is just to change the way I do things.


By nature we tend to always clean our teeth with the same hand. TRY THIS…….clean your teeth with the opposite hand, not only does it clean your teeth differently due to the change in angle, but it is retraining your brain away from default and then try standing on the opposite leg from the one that is cleaning your teeth. I nearly choked on the toothpaste as it started to make me laugh.


Oh what Joy………the blissful sound of laughter, the smile, the feeling, the great energy it creates.


You want to keep your brain active? Get a note pad and on the right hand side jot down the numbers 1-10 with that hand then on the left hand jot down the numbers 1-10 with your left hand and then write the number one next to the number and two and so on with right and left hands then progress onto sentences….in time your non dominant handwriting will look the same. I still have a long way to go, my brain is getting a full work out. It is a great form of meditation.


At the end of the session we sat back to back with each other and started to slow our breathing down and back into a calm state. This was so hard, I carried on laughing so much it made me cry! I left that morning with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I had a few weird looks whilst walking around the supermarket, if only they knew what I know! Oh how they may be able to enhance their lives.


Later that evening, I started to giggle, my husband asked what I was laughing at, which make me laugh even more, so much so that I became hysterical and couldn’t speak, as I was laughing at the fact I was laughing about nothing, that made me laugh even more. I felt great, I even laughed away the pain that I got in my side from laughing so much. It must be good for you. When you breathe out and laugh you empty all the stale air from your lungs, it’s a proven thing, try it! It’s really difficult to breath in when your laughing…..  


 Kirti has this amazing Mantra that I have started to use:

When faced with challenges in life, as we all are; instead of facing it head-on with fear and dread. Take a deep breath in and say to yourself, I AM and as you breath out slowly say to yourself GOING TO ENJOY THIS.


Go on, try to live your life differently, change the way you think, stop copying and pasting, tell the people who matter that you love them, let the little things make you smile and most of all, laugh and enjoy life! 



Want to know more about laughing yoga, please contact ~ Kirti Sharma
Come to the amazing yoga studio, please contact~ Virginia Compton



My Holistic Fibro Fighter Blog

The Dawn of a New Day

This month’s Blog, has taken me a while to write and I want to share with you how Holistic Therapies have supported me through a very emotional time.

 I have been traversing a period of extreme stress and emotional challenges and often that’s when Fibro rears its ugly head with a massive flare up. Something has changed; my energy, my belief, my coping strategies, can’t quite put my finger on it.   What I do know is; I feel amazing and many people who know me well, have commented on how well I look! Should I feel like this? Who knows it’s my journey, but it’s a journey I want to share with you.  

Belief is the first thing. You need to believe that anything is possible and then the change starts, it’s a feeling; how can I feel this good when I should be feeling this……..Just let it be, don’t give it a label. Grief is very raw in the first few days, when you are watching and waiting for someone you love dearly to end their own journey.

Between spending time with them and trying to live my life, I carried on with planned activities and events. I have been attended my weekly yoga class and Virginia Compton my Yoga Guru, has kept me grounded, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) kicked in on a regular basis during these yoga sessions and I looked like I was on a Pogo Stick, shaking it all out.  As usual I kept laughing.

I went to Sally Free’s Gong Bath, I spent the whole session with red hot tears pouring down my face that filled up my ears, and I physically had to dry them. But I felt very calm. At home I cried without feeling any emotion attached to it, the tears just flowed and I allowed myself and my body to react how it needed to. I kept thinking, I should be feeling this or I should be feeling that. Who makes the rules?

Still wondering if a flare up was going to happen, I continued to spend time with my loved one, precious moments that I know were part of the healing process. When I received that phone call in the early hours of the morning, my body went into automatic TRE. I stood at the end of the bed whilst my legs, torso and arms shook. How wonderful that in less than a year my body knew exactly what it needed to do. I stood there whilst my whole body shook for about two minutes. I then calmly sat and watched the dawn break and the sun rise on a new day…….     

 Please click on this link to listen to the radio interview I took part in a few days later

The Power of TRE

When I say I practice TRE, most folks automatically assume I stand with my arms in the air, pretending to be a Tree. You stay fully clothed! (My dad thinks anything Holistic is done naked). There is no need to go and hug any trees afterwards; unless you want to.

In June last year, I attended a Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) workshop, I went with an open mind.  I had heard about TRE from my Yoga teacher Virginia Compton and she arranged for Jo Hamilton a TRE practitioner to come and teach us how to use the excersies.

TRE releases the natural shaking that occurs in most animals, this is said to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension in the body that has been held in our psoas muscle, deep within our core. It releases the tension from our muscles and fascia (the network of nerve endings all over our body), sending messages to our brain and I guess it promotes the feeling of healing and wellbeing.  We humans have managed to suppress this natural reaction to dealing with stress in our lives. Research has also shown it to be effective in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other medical conditions.  The exercises and research were founded by David Berceli PHD.  

I wanted to feel better, to continue not taking any pain relief medicines. Having spent time trying numerous holistic approaches to managing my Fibromyalgia, I decided to give it ago, at the start of the workshop, Jo showed some clips showing TRE in practice, there was a guy who was suffering from Fibromyalgia. Hearing him speak about the positive results he received from TRE, brought a tear to my eye and a glimmer of hope. Having learnt how to start the natural shaking, my body started to shake. At first I thought I was making my body shake, or I was imagining it, you can’t, it just does it on its own, you are taught how to stop it. My legs just wanted to flop from side to side as a spinal twist, the strange thing is, I can’t even do that move in such a strong yoga posture. As soon as I started the tremors, the rocking started, it was like car window wipers. Your body just needs to do its thing, I went with it.

Having completed my shaking, I really felt something had shifted I knew this was something big and life changing. I felt lighter, different and whilst I was shaking I could not stop laughing. I did not have to re-live any of my trauma, although now I have been practicing TRE more frequently I am still not sure what trauma I am shaking off, all I know is it changes each time I do it. Sometimes I get a tremor in my right arm, possibly from an old dislocation. However, I do not want to label it, as that is not necessary in order to receive the benefits.  

Everyone who practices TRE shakes differently, I usually end up going across the lounge floor, or just a gentle rocking motion. Occasionally I start to shake whilst I am in a yoga pose, this often causes me to giggle, but it feels so natural. Shortly after completing the TRE workshop I went to Ibiza on holiday and did not need to take my walking stick! I did not have any pain in my hips, knees or feet. Result……….

At Christmas I went to the dentist, normally a very traumatic experience for me due to a very severe phobia. I suffer from indigestion and hiccups and as soon as I get in the chair I start to cry. This time I went, I did not need to use my Bach flower remedies or remember to practice relaxing yoga breaths. I sat in the chair and all was well. I made a comment to my husband in the car on the way home, and said what has changed, the only thing I can put it down to is TRE!

I am so passionate about the benefits of TRE that I recently found that Jo Hamilton was running a work shop in Totnes and I went along to accompany my husband who was in intrigued to experience TRE.

Less than a week later, I get a phone call at 1.00 am in the morning to inform me that my father was seriously ill and being taken by ambulance to A & E whilst talking on the phone TRE kicked in and I started to shake, I was very calm and placed the phone down and went back to bed and the tremors continued very gently and I then fell into a deep sleep.

Life is not always easy, but if you find something that works, give it ago. There is lots of information available about TRE on the internet. I feel that it is very important to go to a workshop run by a practitioner, who will gently guide you through the process as it is important to stay grounded, so that you remain in control of your shaking and you can stop it, when you want.

Since completing TRE my life has changed, I do not feel that knot of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I feel much calmer. I think it is how I respond to situations and my body’s reaction to them.  My pain has subsided, I still get the odd niggle, but not enough to need pain killers. I still occasionally feel fatigue, but it is more tolerable without the pain. I believe the long term benefits from practicing TRE are; less experience of pain, better sleep, a different way of reacting to stress and an increase in general health.

I do not feel that my Fibromyalgia is impacting on my life the way it once did, I have already started to use Fibro in the past tense. As a Holistic Fibro Fighter I really believe healing can help. What an amazing great future I have, embracing the natural healing of my body; rather than accepting the diagnosis offered to me by rheumatology in 2014.

To find out more information about TRE contact Jo Hamilton  

Gonging It!


About four years ago, having been given my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I spotted a Gong meditation advertised locally, not knowing what to expect, I went along, it was the most amazing experience ever. Afterwards I felt transformed, alive and knew I wanted more.

Some months went by and I found an advert for a Gong bath, I just knew I had to go. I was still having extreme pain in all my joints, I had received acupuncture that had assisted in the mobility coming back into my hands. I just wanted to be able to walk again, taking a cocktail of drugs to take the edge off the pain, but it was the deep, aching pain in my knees, hips, ankles and feet the really bothered me. More than anything I wanted my life back.

I went to Lupton House near Brixham feeling slightly apprehensive, there I met this amazing lady called Sally. She is a Sound Therapist and was going to play singing bowls, other instruments and the most amazing gongs. I lay down on the floor with my cushion to rest my head and a blanket to keep me warm. The only way I can describe what happens during a gong bath, is to say you need to experience it……….. Afterwards I hardly had any pain, I was able to walk. 

A couple of times a year Sally organises an all-night gong bath, where you bed down for the night and the gongs play continually, it is a wonderful experience and I feel so alive in the morning, every cell in my body feels massaged and regenerated.

Over the years Sally has acquired new gongs and each one produces an incredibly rare and almost etheric, out of space sound, my brain is unable to make sense, as no tune is played and my body can relax, letting it go into a very restful phase, often a deep sleep.  

No, you do not take all your clothes off for this kind of bath, you snuggle up fully dressed in your nest of blankets, pillows, foam mattress or whatever makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have to lie on the floor, you can sit in a chair, and you could stand up and walk around if you really wanted to; though I have not seen anyone do this yet. When I tell people I am having a Gong bath, they reply, ‘Oh yes’ and then a say ‘A what?’ You need to give it a go, feel it for yourself.

I find a Gong Bath to be a very effective form of pain relief. The great thing is, it takes no effort at all to receive this holistic treatment, and you just let the sound waves wash over you. I try to have one at least once a month as part of my Fibromyalgia pain management programme. Thanks to Sally and the Gongs; I have got my life back.

For more information regarding Gong Baths please contact Sally Free